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Transportable Beehive

Honey bees can be difficult to transport without the proper equipment. Transporting bees is not as simple as loading a beehive into the back of a truck or SUV and driving to your destination. Bees continuously fly in and out of their hives throughout the day as they scavenge for pollen and nectar. So, you have to find a way to temporarily close up the hive prior to moving them. This can be tricky as most beehives don't have a door that closes. 

Here at Albuquerque Bee Removal, we've created a new transportable beehive for moving bees from one location to another. It's been designed specifically to transport bees. You'd never want to keep them in this hive long term as its not suitable for everyday use.


This beehive closely resembles a Langstroth hive which consists of a top cover, body, and a bottom board. The top cover has three features that include a beehive entrance, mesh screen for ventilation, and three screened feeding stations. The body is a standard size Langstroth medium section containing ten empty frames. The bottom board is really just a bottom cover. There are no holes for bees to enter or leave the hive. It's held together by eight toggle hasps. 

While this hive can be used for multiple purposes, its primary purpose is for transporting newly caught swarms or extracted beehives (or cut outs). The main benefits are that the entrance can be easily closed, the bees have adequate ventilation, the feeding stations enable feeding sugar water during long trips, and the toggle hasps keep the whole thing together during transport.

If you have any questions about this transportable hive or want to know more about us, please get in touch.

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