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Albuquerque Bee Removal

We perform live bee removals from homes and businesses in the Albuquerque metro area. 

Albuquerque Bee Removal is an organization that offers honey bee removal services in the Central New Mexico area.  We're dedicated to performing humane, live bee removals and strive to keep as many bees alive as possible.  Bees are often seen as pests by homeowners which results in calls to pest control services to remove them.   When you call us, we will never use any harmful chemicals to remove a beehive.  A colony of bees consists of a queen bee, thousands of worker bees, and some number of drone bees. 

Our specialities include capturing swarms and removing hives in the Albuquerque area.  Swarms are colonies of bees that have split off from an established beehive and are on the lookout for a new home.  They are usually pretty docile and can be easily removed with the right skills and equipment.  To remove a beehive from a wall or structure requires a little bit more time and patience, but it can be done.  It usually requires cutting through sheetrock, exposing the underlying hive, and carefully removing the bees and honeycomb.


Swarm Removal

Honeybee swarm removal in the Academy North Neighborhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Bee Trap Out

Bee Trap Out from a cinder block all on Albuquerque's West Side.


Bee Removal

Beehive removal from underneath a shed in Southwest Albuquerque.

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